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The first feature of is our vendors message board. We hope that it will be the webs most popular forum for swapping ideas and networking with your peers.


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Please sign up and participate on our forum. We will monitor and moderate the board to insure that it meets everyones expectations for a professional portal.

Message Board Rules

  • Please don't sign up multiple times to hide your identity.
  • Be courteous to others
  • Inappropriate language and ethnic or racial slurs will get you banned
  • Keep your subjects on topic, you can always start a new thread
  • This board is for seasoned veterans and newbies alike - in all types of ice cream/frozen dessert businesses
  • This is a public forum. Don't give poor impressions to potential customers who use this site
  • No commercial advertising on the boards - private ads for a truck or parts you are selling are ok
  • To support the Ice Cream Vendors Message Board and we are selling ad space and enhanced listings to help pay for this site
  • If you have any expertise on subjects that can help your fellow vendors, (mechanical, electrical, accounting, law, insurance, marketing etc.) please submit it and be a part of this process. It can become a sticky topic posted at the top of a subject
  • What works best for you may not work best for someone else - state your suggestions and opinions in a way that does not belittle the person seeking help
  • Once this board has had time to establish itself and we get a good amount of stick topics I would suggest all newbies look at these threads first before asking the same question over and over again
  • No one says you can't have some fun - Ice Cream Vending is fun - so enjoy yourselves

This website is always a work in progress and thanks for being patient during construction.

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